Top Reminders when Taking Ciprofloxacin for Treatment

When taking Ciprofloxacin, it is important that you follow directions strictly. Whether you are prescribed with the oral tablet or the IV form of this antibiotic, the drops or the ointment, it is important that you follow the instructions for taking it strictly. Never make your own rules. Take the directions for taking the specific medication seriously. And always refer to the information as detailed on the product’s packaging.
Take food and medication.
Unlike other medications, it is safe to take the tablet form of Ciprofloxacin without eating a meal or eating any food beforehand. But there are other Cipro products which may have to be taken after a full meal. This is the case for the extended-release product, Proquin. So, make sure you do so. As with the other forms, it is recommended that you eat before taking your recommended dose if you feel your stomach gets upset when you take it without food.
Remember to shake.
When you are prescribed to take the oral liquid suspension form of Cipro, make sure that you shake the bottle quite well. Do so for a good 15 seconds. You should to this to ensure that the medication is completely mixed. Repeat the process every time you are taking your daily dose.
Swallow the tablet whole.
Some people have their own practices when taking a medicine in tablet form. Others crush, cut, chew and dissolve the tablet. But in the case of Ciprofloxacin, it should be taken as directed. That is you have to swallow the tablet as a whole. The same goes for the tiny capsules as is the case with the Cipro liquid suspension. Remember, swallow it and refrain from chewing either the tablet or the tiny capsules.
Watch what you drink it with.
It is strictly prohibited to drink Ciprofloxacin oral products along with milk, yogurt or any kind of dairy products. The same rule applies with orange juice and other calcium fortified drinks. But while it may be prohibited to drink these products with the medicine, you are not advised against taking these as food items and as part of your meal.
Never use the eye products and wear contacts at the same time.
If your doctor recommends that you use the Cipro eye drops to treat your eye infections, make sure that you avoid wearing your contacts for the meantime. Do not insist on this as it may aggravate the sensitivity of your eyes and cause further bacteria growth and worsen the infection. Use alternatives such as wearing eyeglasses until your doctor gives you the go signal to wear your contact lenses again. Always ask when it is safe to put your contacts back under a Cipro eye drops treatment.
Keep your ears dry.
In the case of ear infections, bacterial growth may be encouraged when they are exposed to moisture. In this case, you should not go swimming if you are already infected. Moreover, when using the Ciprofloxacin ear drops, you are also prohibited to do so. It is important that you maintain and keep your ears dry for the entire duration of the treatment.

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